President Obama’s Sister Stripped Naked For Disparaging Remarks, Mislead Him Over Raila in 2016


By Phelix G C

The gonya remark by Auma Obama is not the case and shouldn’t be focused on. Its just besides the general filthy attitude of the Barack Junior’s sister.

Be it as it may, “gonya” means “give something small”. Its no different with what ‘his brother” is planning to do for her. The only difference is that her “gonya” is big as her brother is planning to open for her a multi Million gonya” NGO. She is hoping her brother will bring for her investors to ” gonyo her” in her new NGO.

Yesterday morning I watched her press briefing with amazement. The lady sees herself as the world just ended and she’s the one to resurrect it. I digress.

I will never forget how Jubilee used Auma Obama in a conspiracy to embarrass Raila Odinga when Obama last visited Kenya as USA president. She is on record micromanaging Barack Obama and shielding other relatives from him. ( Some of the reasons why even Obama’s brother decided to support his opponent in USA presidential elections) – That’s not my business though.

Barack Obama later on realized his mistakes when it was too late. His schedule to meet Raila was communicated directly from his communication director unlike last time.

Personally, sina time ya Auma Obama. She should wait Obama and friends to gonyo her NGO

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