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Policeman Killed in Kisii Protests Over Conductor’s Death

Policeman Killed in Kisii Protests Over Conductor's Death

Policeman Killed in Kisii Protests Over Conductor’s Death – kenyagist.com

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  • Chaos rocked Kenyenya Police Station after residents protest killing of conductor Capital Group

  • A police officer was on Wednesday killed by civilians following a clash between residents and law officers in Kisii county.

    The clashes came after a policeman stationed at Kenyenya police station was accused of trailing and eventually killing a conductor by hitting him on the head with the butt of his gun.

    An officer at the station was killed by irate residents who had stormed the station carrying the body of the dead conductor after they cornered him when he ran out of bullets.

    Woman reacts after her husband was killed in the chaos

    Police on patrol within Magenche area had flagged down the conductor who was driving a matatu and were forced to give chase after he declined to stop.

    The deceased was caught up with outside Mokomoni secondary, where he was allegedly hit on the head by police but unfortunately passed on after being rushed to hospital.

    Angry residents who marched into the station reportedly began hurling stones at the officers who were forced to call for backup.

    It is while waiting for reinforcement that two other residents lost their lives as the officers confronted them trying to quell the commotion.

    Among those killed was a boda-boda operator while a pupil was shot and was set to undergo surgery on Thursday to remove the bullet lodged in his body.

    Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet condemned the attack through his Twitter account expressing his concern over the unfortunate loss of three lives.

    Boinnet also ordered for immediate investigations into the matter with a view to establishing culpability by the Internal Affairs Unit.



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