Police Summon TV Anchor Jacque Maribe To DCI Headquarters, Cliff Ombeta Representing Her

Police Summon TV Anchor Jacque Maribe To DCI Headquarters, Cliff Ombeta Representing Her

Police are convinced Joseph Irungu aka Joe Jowie shot himself with a blank round.

”A real bullet will give you serious bone and tissue damage and must spend weeks in hospital and high chances you will still be having some form of deformity in your shoulder”- a homicide detective told this writer

What happens in basic blood spatter analysis is that blood can tell what a person was doing and where they were.
1. He claims he was shot- no evidence of blood at the crime scene
2. He does not provide clothes which he was wearing when he was shot
3. Most importantly. The blood spatter analysis show blood is flowing toward his neck and face.

1. He was lying down when a incision was carefully made into his shoulder, that is why blood is flowing towards his neck and face and not downwards as you would expect of a man who was shot while standing.
2. It is unlikely that a cold blooded killer would shoot you just once at close range and fail to connect a second shot

Homicide officers investigating the murder of Monicah Kimani said they wanted Jacque Maribe to record a statement to clarify a number of issues that have emerged during their probe.

Ms Maribe’s fiancé, Joseph Kuria Irungu, is in police custody following Ms Kimani’s killing. The 28-year-old woman’s body was found in a bathtub in her house in Lamuria Apartments on the afternoon of Thursday, September 20. Her throat had been slit.

Police say the car Mr Irungu was driving when he was spotted in Kimani’s house before her body was discovered is registered in Maribe’s name.

The Toyota Allion saloon car has been detained by the investigators.

“She is not responding to our calls but we have left a message for her, requiring her to come for further clarification. Even her lawyer says she is not responding to calls,” said an officer.


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