Police Issue Warning Over Vehicle Fittings

Police Issue Warning Over Vehicle Fittings

Police on Thursday issued a stern warning over a looming crackdown on vehicles with dangerous fittings.

According to the police, vehicles with illegal modifications including mounting of bull bars on unauthorized vehicles, use of high powered LED lights, loud music and modified exhaust systems will face the law.

“We have also noted that brake lights modification by private motorists and PSV owners is also on the rise,” the police statement read.

A matatu with an unclear number plate

While noting that NTSA in the past has sensitized motorists against these modifications and others not listed, the Police reiterated that such fittings remain unlawful and will be dealt with as provided for in the Traffic Act.

“Brake lights modification has been reported to cause untold suffering to other motorists, this is unlawful and insensitive too,” the police concluded.

Other illegal fittings that police have cited in the past include modified exhaust systems/horns, LED lights and hidden number plates.

The police were responding after a tweep by the name @ArcherMishale shared a video of a vehicle fitted with blaring LED braking system.

Launching the complaint, the tweep noted: “I had a migraine by the time I got home last night because of this”.

Traffic Act Cap 403 stipulates that vehicles should have two lights at the front while motor vehicles while motorbikes should have one light.

The headlights should be either white or yellow and capable of illuminating 100-150 metres ahead.

The Traffic Act requires the elimination of the dazzling effect produced by the lights to eliminate impeding of vision or causing of annoyance to other road users.

“Every motorcycle shall, when in motion in daylight hours have its front lamp lighted,” the Traffic Act directs.


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