Police Affidavit Reveals How Jacque Maribe Helped Jowie Cover Up Murder of Monica Kimani

Connecting Dots: Police Affidavit Reveals How Jacque Maribe Helped Jowie Cover Up Murder of Monica Kimani

Detectives have revealed part of the evidence they are using to connect the dots in the Monica Kimani murder case, Citizen TV Jounalist Jacque Maribe and her fiance Joe Irungu and the prime suspect..

In an affidavit filed in court, the officer investigating the case Maxwell Otieno explained the events of the night Monica Kimani was murdered and puts Joe Irungu at the centre of it and Jacque Maribe is alleged to have knowingly assisted the main suspect Joseph Irungu in a cover-up.

In the affidavit, Maribe told detectives that she had a serious disagreement with Jowie who then attempted to commit suicide on the night of September 20 and 21 at around 1 am by shooting himself. After he shot himself, Maribe said Jowie rushed out to a neighbour one Brian Kassaine’s house. Brian is suspected to be the legal owner of the gun and has since been arrested.

Brian told the police that Jowie woke him up and told him to go and secure the gun at Maribe’s house. The suspect rushed to the house and found a bullet of 9mm and one spent cartridge on the floor at the entrance to the master bedroom.

However Maribe had recorded a contradicting a statement at the Lang’ata police station in which she alleged that Jowie had been shot at by three-man gang who were on a motorbike near the gate of their residence.

Detectives believe, Jowie tried to commit suicide on September 20 by shooting himself in the left side of the chest inside a toilet in Jacque Maribe’s house and he must have used a piece of cloth to cover the pistol’s nozzle to minimize sound (improvised silencer) Maribe’s house-help has reportedly told police she heard a bang that night.

Last week Jowie was positively identified by four witnesses. Detectives claim Jowie drove straight to Maribe’s house in Langata while dressed in the blood-stained Kanzu, he then took a shower, changed clothes and grabbed the bloodstained clothing alongside some items and walked out of the house with and burnt them at a far corner within the compound. Maribe’s house-help, who was in the house, reportedly corroborated this account during her interrogation. Detectives collected the ashes for further analysis a pieces of clothing that did not completely burn for further analysis.

After burning the items, Jowie then drove to a club in Westlands where Maribe was. Maribe had apparently on that Wednesday night left her workplace and driven to the club. Witnesses said Jowie arrived at the club at about 2.30am in the company of about seven men. He picked Maribe and they went home early on September 20. Police believe Jowie confided to Maribe what had happened the previous night

“Some of the key exhibits in the case i.e Kanzu and a jacket were partly burnt at the residence of the respondent and it believed that this was done with the respondent’s full knowledge,” reads the affidavit.

During the time of arrest, detectives recovered several items which included shoes and several pieces of clothing and a well-detailed inventory was recovered.

“Among the items recovered they are yet to be subjected for forensic examination by the government analyst,” read the affidavit.

Maribe’s mobile phone, iPhone 7+ with a Safaricom Card was seized. The DCI had previously recovered one 9mm live bullet (ammunition).

They also impounded motor vehicle KCA 031E Toyota Allion Silver on September 25, 2018.

“That the said motor vehicle mentioned was seen on the CCTV footage at the crime scene and was driven by Joseph Kuria Irung alias Jowie,” read the affidavit in parts.

The investigation so far shows that one of Brian gave out a firearm to Jowie on several occasion and one of such occasion was on September 19.

Jackie Maribe will be detained for 11 more days at the Gigiri to allow DCI conclude investigations on Monica Kimani murder.

The detectives said that they will extract DNA samples from the Maribe for the purposes of the comparison with a sample taken at the scene of her residence.

The prosecutor told the court on Monday that the reason to ask for her to be detained is that they feared following the huge following and being a media personality can interfere with the investigation.

They also stated that she was a flight risk and should remain in custody pending the conclusion of investigations.


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