Parliament Is A Waste, Idle MPs Cost Billions, A Burden To Kenyans, Reduce Constituencies to 150

Parliament Is A Waste, Idle MPs Cost Billions, A Burden To Kenyans, Reduce Constituencies to 150

By Cyprian Nyamwamu

How was Moi able to represent the whole of Kalenjin Rift Valley in Legco alone ? Because it’s not the number of people but the issues you represent that matter;

How is your MP representing you in Parliament these days? Zero. The MPs these days represent Raila, Uhuru, Ruto, Kalonzo etc not Kenyans. They are no longer representatives but legislative DEALERS and tyrants.. Look what they did to the judiciary budget, see how they have raised the debt levels to Kshs. 6 Trillion! Most MPs are auctioneers in chief these days. They are lapdogs for the executive..remember how Matiangi lectured them like babies, remember Onyonka disrupting a committee meeting investigating Waiguru and Kabura on the NYS scam? Most are hirelings and tools of the President in bunge to defeat justice, to entrench impunity.

More of them is a disaster. The recent sugar report voting machine bribery scandal tells you that we must act to safeguard our democracy, our economy and the integrity of the State institutions.

Most don’t even attend Parliament. You only see 60 to 70 consistent debaters and law makers. You know the Millie Mabonas, the Kanini Kegas, the KJs, and a few others of our National Assembly. Others are business people making money in China, India etc. Most are a drain on the national purse with their nonproductive trips including trips to Russia to watch soccer!

We must cut the number. So that they are a few competent, independent capable of doing oversight, legislation, budgeting, representation properly.

That is why we must cut the Constituencies to 150. It is clear that the more MPs, the worse the representation of the people. The more the corrupt the MPs become.

Senate is sane, wise and reasonable because they are few and credible men and women. My proposal is that Senators should be elected by expanded electoral colleges of County Assemblies, MPs from the county, business, religious leadership, youth, women, Council of elders from the County etc. Candidates for Senate should submit their credentials and lobby the electoral colleges.

Let Kiambu have Six MPs, Kisii and Bungoma four or five, Homabay Four etc. In Kisii for example merge the Kitutu Chaches, merge the Bomachoges, merge the Nyaribaris, merge South Mugirango with Bonchari and have Bobasi.

150 constituency MPs and then 60 women to carry the party lists burden and special interests of youth, Persons living with disability, other interests like labour and I will suggest senior citizens.. All 60 to be women. The 60 women must be spread country wide in order to cover all 47 counties through the party lists .. All 60 must elected at the party convention supervised by IEBC and their names published 45 Days before elections.

We will reduce the baggage by 139. Improve performance and credibility, save as much as 13 billion from the scandalous 36 billion bunge budget annually.

The 13bn can employ 9,000 new nurses, or 11,000 new teachers, or 4,000 new doctors.. This is money being consumed by a handful of thankless guys who don’t respect us the people.

Don’t touch the 1450 wards! Just strengthen devolution by raising the floor from 15% to 40% and invest all the CDF with Ward development Fund managed by the county executive. No one should dare touch the 47 county governments. Support them to work first.

The time is now to act.

Cyprian Nyamwamu
Future of Kenya Foundation


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