Over indulgence on Ruto Has Complicated Scenarios For Uhuru?

Kenya Economy On Death Bed, Borrowing To Finance Corruption Killing Businesses

By Ogunyo Thiringi

Over indulgence on Ruto has complicated scenarios for Uhuru?

Uhuru attempted to revitalise and revive a crumbling administration but has he changed for the better?. The answer is emphatic No!. Have you asked yourself why a recently increased momentum to eliminate corruption is already punctuated from all directions that we seems to be engaged in some PR gimmicks?.

Despite what was seen as a renewed vigour, the government still doesn’t glitter. It doesn’t seem to be covering its lost grounds. It doesn’t present vitality from the top. It looks like there is a hatchet job to prejudice good intentions that someone must urgently revitalize this administration and bestow its shine and sprinkle it with a little bit of glow and act decisively. Something needs be done urgently, probably even going back to elections!.

I see a picture of a punctuated President gratuitously beholden to Ruto and his URP circles that compromised calibre, integrity and quality of his government performance. People appointed to public offices don’t mean well…. don’t argue with me on this!.

Uhuru reached out to opposition leader Raila Odinga in a historic handshake to inject life and confidence in his administration but nothing seems to glitter. That political agenda is stagnating, there is no personal philosophy from the President interns of style and form in governance. Time is running out, corruption and impunity is escalating that it eats into the entire fabric of our systems with reckless abandon. Public officers failed the test of performance long time ago but the President looks helpless, soft and slow in acting on the corrupt people close to him as advised by Alfred Mutua the Machakos county Governor. Uhuru is allowing political demagoguery and blackmail endeavours to injure his legacy..

Where is the problem?.

URP circles and Ruto introduced complicated scenarios. The man has openly opposed and injured devolution by his body language, he has succeeded to introduce politics of tribe in the war on corruption, he introduced pitiful performance in Parliament and Judiciary resisting elimination of corruption in the corridors of Justice, URP sycophancy which has strong roots in KANU eroded the esteem Kenyans had with the handshake that there is a feeling to disengage..

Duale today defends Somali community on imported sugar found laced with dangerous chemicals while the CS who actually meant well, never mentioned any community in his press statement, its how far we have sunk deep into a pit!.


Uhuru is left to shoulder shortcomings as head of government that he takes huge political losses from all directions. Viable remedy; let him disassiate from URP circles and Ruto. Let him deal with Kenyans mano-kwa-mano as the CEO. He needs to capture the imagination and attention of Kenyans as the President and solve their problems squarely as they come.

A Thiring’inyithesis

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