On The Referendum Debate Raila Must Be Very Careful, Kenyans Are Concerned About Cost Of Living

On The Referendum Debate Raila Must Be Very Careful, Kenyans Are Concerned About Cost Of Living

By Antony Oyugi

Here we’re again with talk of a referendum. Proponents should be clear on the issue(s) for which they want a referendum. Are the issues useful to the Kenyan public. The public is basically concerned about their pockets and the cost of living. I’m of the view that political issues especially about power structures aren’t important to Kenyans. It doesn’t matter who’s in government and who’s not especially when those shouting loudest about inclusivity are supporting a non inclusive government when it formulates poor economic policies. Who’s this that’s not included in government when ‘outsiders’ are benefiting from public appointments albeit part-time jobs in parastatals. Who’s this that’s left out when the People’s President tries bulldozing his party into supporting government as it imposes punitive taxes on the people

To Raila Odinga, if you’re interested in a referendum neither you nor your close allies should be loud about it. They shouldn’t assume that there’s a marriage between you and Uhuru. Uhuru is married to Ruto. You’re basically a mpango wa kando. Uhuru will listen to Ruto on matters referendum and other political matters. He only needs you to be in the good books of lenders and trying to stabilize the economy. He also needs you for PR. Not on politics. He has weathered political storms without you and won. He can still do it.

Uhuru knows that he used you to score a goal against you. You didn’t deflect his shot, you scored an own goal. Your soldiers (the people) are wounded from the shot you fired their direction. They don’t have the energy for another battle….at least not this soon. It’s wise to let them ‘recover’ before talking of a referendum. When you call for a referendum and Jubilee opposes it as they’ve started doing, they know you can’t win this debate in the court of public opinion. Your base is angry with you. Let them recover!


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