Nothing To Celebrate As Government Demolishes Multti-Billion TajjMall Complex

Jubilee Curse: Nothing To Celebrate As Government Demolishes Multti-Billion TajjMall Complex


By Ekakoro E

I hear SANY is finally on site at Airgate Mall. I hear also that Airgate is the home of scandals where tenders for supplying air at 1000 times the real item, are cooked.

But why am I not excited even though I have always wanted Airgate gone? Why am I not dancing and telling the world how I’m going to film the entire episode on my cheap android phone for posterity?

Because I think SANY is a joke. SANY is not sincere. SANY is selective. SANY is haphazard. SANY will not cure impunity.

Do we have a plan to these demolitions? Are all buildings that OUGHT to be demolished going to be demolished? This includes unsafe buildings by the way.

Do we have a plan for calling to account people who went against the rules and built or caused to be built or allowed to be built these structures that we’re now going orgasmic about at their demolition?

Is this going to be sustained? Do we have a plan for ensuring we won’t need SANY again in 2022 or any other date in future? Why am I zeroing in on 2022? Because that is the next key event when our collective national madness comes out in the name of elections. That is the time prostitutes will be preaching to all and sundry the value of abstention. That’s the time the prostitutes will be reminding us that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit and need to be kept holy. That’s when people who have amassed wealth through corruption will be shouting from the rooftops that they’re clean as a newly-washed baby’s bottoms and to demonstrate it will send a couple of SANYs to select Airgates to make a point. Anything to be given – or justify meddling with the electoral system to grab – five years of opportunity to create even bigger Airgates.

Why do I think SANY’s morning visit today is nothing but an opportunity to score political points and hoodwink the gullible public that systems are finally working?

And don’t forget that currently there are many things going on that the Goons of Kenya would rather we never talked about. Hence, SANY visit.

No, I refuse to celebrate yet.


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