NLC Chairman Muhammad Swazuri Arrested


Countrywide Lands Commission chairman Muhammed Swazuri was arrested around the alleged purchase of doubtful land for the conventional gauge railway.

Swazuri was held at the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission after the DPP consented to his arrest on Saturday.

Inside correspondence from the Countrywide Land Fee indicated that the chairman authorised Ksh314 million to order five doubtful plots for the normal gauge railway.

The NLC Chairman was arrested alongside Kenya Railways Corporation Controlling Director Atanas Maina and 7 others even though the DPP did not reveal the expenses they are struggling with.

Swazuri was accused of disregarding resolutions by the NLC commissioners and unilaterally authorised payments to individuals with doubtful land documents.

A family in Mombasa had petitioned the EACC demanding the Swazuri and Maina be investigated around the obligatory acquisition of a piece of land, LR No MN/VI/755, situated in Miritini, Mombasa.

The household of the late James Kamau Thiong’o and the African Gasoline and Oil Organization Constrained (AGOL) claimed possession of the disputed land a matter which was just before the courtroom.

Having said that, both the NLC and the Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) processed the payment right before they could identify the legality of the title staying held by AGOL.

NLC had filed an affidavit in an environment court docket declaring that AGOL was not entitled to the compensation simply because of the dispute.

The Thiong’o family experienced asked EACC to investigate the duo and get action as the law calls for.

“Your workplace is absolutely knowledgeable of the dispute on possession in regard of a portion of a home identified as MN/VI/755…Allow us have a affirmation in producing that your workplace will not launch the compensation prior to the dispute is solved,” the relatives stated in a letter dated January 31, 2017.


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