Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter Slams DP Ruto Over Lifestyle [VIDEO]


Nandi Hills Member of Parliament (MP) Alfred Keter has taken at Deputy President William Ruto over his recent lifestyle audit remarks.

Speaking on NTV, the firebrand legislator took issue with the DP’s sentiments on Wednesday where he had insinuated that the lifestyle audit appears skewed to target him.

“The other day I saw the media trying to write something on what I own. Well… I thought they would continue the following day with another leader,” Ruto had noted.


“But I saw nothing… it seemed the agenda was me because it started and ended on me. I thought this lifestyle audit was meant for all public servants?” the DP lamented.

In an indirect response, Keter indicated: “The direction they want to force about corruption is that some few individuals are being targeted. Who is targeting you? It is yourself who is panicking that you are being targeted.

“What we are dealing with is a serious issue about corruption. If you haven’t looted anything don’t be worried just relax. But if you are panicking, we are coming for you as a country.”

Keter further found fault on the delayed acknowledgement by Ruto to submit to the recent government directive on lifestyle audit on all public officials.

The DP had remarked: “William Ruto will be among the first to submit himself for that exercise when that process begins.”

But Keter questioned why Ruto took so long asserting: “He is open to audit, but he has taken too much time. He was there with the president, he should have said it immediately.”

The Nandi Hills legislator further revisited the issue of fundraising in churches which Ruto had termed as “his investment in heaven”.


“Most of this money that is being looted you will see it being dished out as fundraisings over the weekend. People do fundraising of Ksh 30million over a weekend amounting to Ksh120 million a month. Even the philanthropists and industrialists like Manu Chandaria cannot afford that money every weekend,” he concluded.

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