Nairobi MCAs Launch Petition to Impeach Arrogant Speaker Elachi

Nairobi MCAs Launch Petition to Impeach Arrogant Speaker Elachi

Nairobi County MCAs launch petition seeking to remove Speaker Beatrice Elachi, cites abuse of office.

This comes even as Elachi is embroiled in a fight with clerk Jacob Ngwele over the tender for the speakers’ residence and claims of corruption.

The differences between the two county assembly officers escalated into a near fist fight on Thursday, prompting the orderlies to separate them.

Elachi and Ngwele were led to a private corridor away from the full glare of City Hall journalists after they confronted each other over the issues.

“Why are you destroying my career? Why do you want to ruin my life? why should you try to embarrass me?” Ngwele questioned Elachi.

Elachi, on the other hand, replied by saying: “Don’t raise your voice at me. We shall give you time to defend yourself. You should not raise your voice at me.”

The clerk is alleging that the speaker has a personal interest in the Sh150 million tender for the acquisition of the speaker’s residence.

He alleged that one of the speaker’s close relative has been tipped to win the tender.

“Our fights are purely grounded on a failed business scheme. She is now trying to find ways to fight back with the belief that having me out will help her,” Ngwele said.

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