My Issue With Radio Jambo, Classic 105FM And Other Radio Stations With ‘Cooked’ Sexual Escapades

My Issue With Radio Jambo, Classic 105FM And Other Radio Stations With ‘Cooked’ Sexual Escapades

By S Nyanchwani via FB

Radio Jambo has an interesting discussion on sponsors. They have just talked about some sponsors that even take the welfare of the families of the girl.

Poverty has no dignity. Must suck to be a father and you know your daughter has a sponsor and the car she drives, the house she lives in and the bills she helps pay are from a fellow man, may be your age.

But that is not the issue now.

It is how the FM stations have trivialised the national discourse, despite radio being the most powerful journalism tool. It is the reason in developed Nations they invest so much in radio. Check the BBC, DW, Radio France( a German tour guide told me that he gets all his news from Africa on Radio France), in America NPR and WNYNC often do extremely good stories.

But in Kenya, FM radio while purely commercial, have failed to. Do anything meaningful other than talk about exxagaeratted sexual escapades and selling stuff.

The upshot: we are not addressing the key problems here.
Sponsorship is a function of the the widening wealth gap. So much money is controlled by older men, hence the imbalance. Where a sponsorship culture is prevalent, crime will be high as well as prostitution. It is nature’s way of redistributing wealth.

Few sponsorship relationships have a happy ending. The woman may down the line be forced to abort, recklessly. A woman who dates a married sponsor doubly endangers her life from so many quarters and Sharon’s case how stuff can go wrong.

Beyond the glitter, the holidays and such, most of the sponsor relationships are very abusive, physically and emotionally. You lose your soul completely when you date against the natural order.

As a society we should talk of how to address unemployment and crass materialism that has sipped down to children. E.g Sharon had no reason or right to demand that Sh 25 million house(and this is not to say she deserved to die at all).

If we can help our children to get jobs or means to get their wherewithal, and teach them to live withing their means, we will reduce the societal problems.

Women have prostitution and men have crime has an option when options are limited.

And these are the issues that Radio Stations should address. Not just trivialise everything for rates…


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