Mwai Kibaki Returns From Treatment in London

Mwai Kibaki Returns From Treatment in London

Kenya’s third president, H.E Mwai Kibaki has had a three-week stay at an undisclosed hospital facility in London for an equally anonymous ailment.

The former Head of State jetted back on Tuesday from the medical checkup which was kept from the public with just a few family members aware of it.

His family has come out to indicate that the visit was merely a routine checkup which had nothing to do with a serious illness and was therefore kept a secret to avoid any panic.

“Mwai Kibaki departed from the country on the last Saturday of August for treatment in London. It was for a checkup, having gone through surgery before, and the family felt there was no need to make it public because there was no cause for alarm,” the family source was quoted by the Standard.

According to the source, the former president returned to top of his health and had a jovial chat with friends prior to settling at his Muthaiga home.

“He was in very high spirits and sustained hearty conversation with all family members,” added the source.

The former Head of State has kept a rather low profile since his quite departure as President in 2013.

This is despite his appointment as a water resources goodwill ambassador by UNESCO.

Kibaki had also relocated to his Mweiga retirement home, at least going by his regular attendance of church services at Nyeri Town.

From the medical end, Kibaki has made frequent visits to hospitals in what his family and communication team has profiled as routine check-ups.

His 2016 hospital visit to Netcare Sunninghill Hospital in South Africa was described a check-up appointment by the family. The procedure, they added, was to remove a blood clot in one of his veins.


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