Murder Suspect Jowie Irungu Called Four Friends To Help ‘Cover Up’ Monica Kimani Murder

Socialite ‘Killer’ Joe Irungu In Kiambu Court, Opposes DPP Requests for More Police Detention

Murder suspect Joseph Irungu alias Jowi sent distress calls moments after he left Monica Kimani’s apartment. He also sent text messages to four friends who did not pick his calls, he requested for advice over a matter that was sensitive and disturbing him at the time.

Police have confirmed a report from a teleco with analysis of the calls and are considering to list the four as prosecution witnesses. Police are are still probing if Jowie disclosed to the four details of the crime using another telephone line for he switched off his phone after sending out the distress call and text messages.

Detectives are still following leads if Jowie may have handed over some cash stolen from Monica’s apartment to either of the friends for hiding. It has been reported elsewhere that Monica may have been a conduit for laundering money from Juba, South Sudan for a top politician who has interests in Nairobi. South Sudan is country run my military general with access to free money.

Monica was running a cleaning company and detectives are convinced that such a business would not generate funds good enough to support her lavish lifestyle, buy a multi-million apartment in Kilimani Nairobi, build a house for her brother and gift her mother with a new Subaru. Just like Maribe’s source of money to buy a home in Langata is in question given the meager salaries journalists are paid. Looks like Jowie was involved with women with powerful sponsors or ex sponsors.

Detectives have since established that Jowie tried to commit suicide inside Ms Maribe’s Langata home after having a serious argument with his fiance who had threatened to throw her out of the house. Detectives believe the argument between Maribe and Jowie may have been due to Monica’s murder and Jowie was most likely trying to blackmail Ms Maribe to help him with the cover-up.

Obviously Ms Maribe may have realised what Jowi had done was a serious crime and the law was to catch up with him/them, it’s then that she threatened to throw him out BUT since ‘love wins’ she agreed to help him with cover up plan after Jowi shot himself.

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Ms Maribe has since recanted her statement and she is most likely to be set free in a plea bargain with DCI and DPP in exchange for her to be the lead prosecution witness.


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