”Mt. Kenya Region Has Poor People But Is Not Marginalized”- Hon Wamere

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Mt. Kenya Region Has Poor People But Is Not Marginalized.

Mt. Kenya MPs are claiming Mt. Kenya people are getting lesser development than people of other regions. Yet Mt. Kenya region has had 3 out of 4 presidents since independence and 3 out of 4 presidents since independence. So if Mt. Kenya region is marginalized economically has it marginalized itself or who has marginalized it? Far from being marginalized, Mt. Kenya Region is most developed and its elite are wealthiest of all Kenyan ethnic elites. However elite of Mt. Kenya region argue they contribute 60% of Kenya’s GDP and only get 20% of national resources back to the region. As Mt. Kenya region call for more resources back into their region, one wonders whether Turkana MPs should call for 100 % of oil resources back to Turkana because Turkana produces100% of Kenya’s oil?

But Mt. Kenya region would be right to claim they have majority of Kenya’s poor, sick and dead and should therefore get more resources to uplift the poor in Mt. Kenya and all other regions. Merely asking for more resources to develop Mt. Kenya region will only end up pumping more money to make richer GEMA elites in the name of developing supposedly marginalized Mt. Kenya region.


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