Monica Kimani Questioned Why Jowie ‘Dressed in White Kanzu’. Illuminati Cult?

LATEST: Monica Kimani Questioned Why Jowie ‘Dressed in White Kanzu’. Illuminati Cult?

Monica Kimani was surprised by Joseph Jowie Irungu’s dress-code the night she got murdered that is according to two males friends who were in her house during the fateful night.

The friends, one being the Lebanse neigbour and the other called Owen were in the house with Monica when Jowie walked in , he greeted them and went straight the kitchen and served himself a glass of fine wine.

The two neighbours later excused themselves and left the house leaving Monica and Jowie having a glass of wine.

The two neighbours are now prosecution witness in the murder case that sleuths have confirmed will commence next week. The two told detectives that Ms. Kimani remarked that she had never seen Mr. Irungu dressed in white kanzu.

The white kanzu may be an indication that Jowie was prepared to do something out of ordinary and from what she told the neighbours its obvious she had a bad feeling about Jowie but knocked it off afterall they were friends.

The detectives have hinted the prosecution will be arguing in court the historical significance of white kanzu. It is known that white signifies a ceremony may be a sign of a premeditated murder, Jowie came dressed in white to conduct a ceremony or ritual. If the theory holds then it will amount to mens reus a critical proof for murder case that shows that Jowie had the intention of killing reasons notwithstanding.

The way Monica was killed shows some kind of ritual act. The killer had unprotected sex with her, then went ahead to slit her throut like chicken while her hands and legs were tied at a certain position.

Detectives have not yet ruled out if there was a cult like inspiration behind the murder. High chance Jowie was following some online literature on illuminati and how to get rich quickly, from all information in public domain the young man loved big life but had no means, he capitalized on his looks to trap well off ladies ton sustain his lifestyle. Detectives have also checked his online activities but they did not disclose what sites he browsed.

The slain business woman was found murdered with her throat slit and her body dumped in a bathtub inside her house on September 19.

According to a report by the investigators, the DNA analysis from samples of semen collected from Monica’s body matched those of Joe Irungu, the primary suspect in the case. DNA samples from Monica’s nail tips also matched those of Jowie.

Joe Irungu is expected to take a plea on Monday when he is expected to appear in court.


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