Monica Kimani Murder Suspect Brian Kassaine FREED, Jacque Maribe and Jowie Detained

Monica Kimani Murder Suspect Brian Kassaine FREED, Jacque Maribe and Jowie Detained

Brian Kassaine, the neighbour of TV Journalist Jacque Maribe who has been in police custody for suspected indirectly involved in the murder of Monica Kimani has been freed by a Kiambu court.

The court however directed that he report to DCI headquarters every Thursday for the next 8 weeks.

Kassaine was questioned over the murder of Monica Kimani whose body was found in a bathtub at her house in Kilimani, Nairobi.

Chief lead investigator in the murder Mr Maxwell Otieno said Mr Kassaine was still being investigated in connection with the murder.

TV Journalist Jacque Maribe and her fiancée Joseph Irungu aka Jowie will be produced in court on Monday after they were ordered remanded until Ms Maribe undergoes a mandatory mental test and also to allow DCI conclude investigations.

Detectives investigating the matter applied to have Mr Kassaine released with condition that he be appearing before them twice every week to facilitate further investigations.

But the suspect, through his lawyer Kefa Ojijo objected to the application, arguing that he should be released unconditionally.

According to Mr Ojijo, the suspect has not in anyway been linked with the murder.

He has also directed the he deposits his passport with the police within the next 48 hours.

Brian Kasaine, 35, told police in an affidavit that Jowie Irungu had on September 11, borrowed his Ceska pistol for “training”, minus any bullets

Kasaine said he was at his Royal Park estate house in Langata on September 21 when he was woken up at around midnight by someone banging on his gate.

He hesitated opening the gate but when the banging persisted, he concluded it could only be either Maribe or Irungu who were in the habit of running to him whenever they had a fight.

“They fought frequently,” Kasaine said.

Reports of the frequent fighting between the two were confirmed by another neighbour who said the couple “fought a lot.” Kasaine said when he opened the gate, he found Irungu lying on the ground bleeding from his left shoulder.

Kasaine said Irungu shot himself in an attempt to commit suicide after a fight with Maribe.

“If you wanted to see me dead now it has happened! “ Irungu shouted at Maribe who had followed him to Kasaine’s house (so after she told him to pack and go, he shot himself to blackmail her)

Irungu told Kasaine he had a fight with Maribe who threw his clothes down the stairs (So, she was angry and wanted him/Jowie to move out of her house). Irungu said she was present when he shot himself in their bedroom. He asked Kasaine to take the pistol he had borrowed. Kasaine hid the gun in the ceiling of his house before taking Irungu to hospital for treatment.


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