Mixed Reactions Over Citizen TV’s 10/10 Teen Music with Sexual content, Wills Raburu under Fire


By Dorcas S: Anybody blaming Raburu for a program aired beyond watershed hours needs to visit a psychiatrist. Parents are failing their responsibilities and blaming everything including television and Internet.

Felix M Wesonga :The same People who Shouted; My dress my Choice are now screaming that 10/10 Programme on Citizen Tv be banned.. Most of these spoilt kids aged 19 20 are fathered and mothered by this team my dress my choice parents between 42-38. Total nonsense Children of Children. Enjoy fruits of your labour. And you have not seen what they can do behind those Cameras..Anyway you will become grandparents before 45 and great grandparents before 59.

Jackson Kariuki:
10/10 on citizen TV should be banned with immediate effect and the musicians and those youths detained. Bure kabisa

Pascal Makonjio: Citizen TV should be banned. Why are they showing pornography in the name of 10/10

Arap Doyo says
Nakuja kukupiga stick, Nakuja kukupiga Miti
I know you be yearning for this, Juu ishapita wiki
Nakuja kukupiga Kiss, Alafu niguse Matiti

Kuja ni kubeng..Kuja ni Kubeng
Hakuna bleki buda na Kata maji mpaka che
Hapa msupa jo hakuna smama ni kubend

Obsene lyrics, live performances complete with bizzare adult dance moves, nudity, twerking. This is the kind of soft porn musical exhibition your teenager’s favourite show 10/10 runs on the Citizen TV screens every Friday night.

Wild and exuberant, adrenaline rush, sheepish laughter, mischievous demeanour and an obvious love for the teenage attention, Willis Raburu, the host is oblivious of how poisonous his show is to the moral fabric of this society. I have seen comments describing Raburu as a small boy in an adult’s body. But this is besides the point.

The kind of content promoted in this show is every parent’s nightmare. We are all here complaining of the skyrocketing teenage pregnancies but as a country, still legitimize and promote mainstream mass media content that promotes the fuck culture.


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