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Mike Sonko’s Jibes at Nairobi Show Excite President Uhuru

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Mike Sonko’s Jibes at Nairobi Show Excite President Uhuru – kenyagist.com

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  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Thursday threw a series of jibes during the Nairobi ASK Show cracking up President Uhuru Kenyatta who was in attendance.

    First, Sonko took a swing at Kiambu boss Ferdinand Waititu over a recent slip of the tongue where he introduced himself as a “daughter of four fathers” (sic).

    Observing the protocol, Sonko stated: “My colleague Kiambu governor, Waititu Bab Yao. He is a father of four daughters,” to the amusement of the attendees.

    The Nairobi county boss also created a light moment when he attacked Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wa Iria.

    The Murang’a boss has in the past threatened to cut the supply of water to Nairobi over lack of compensation for the resource.

    However, a tough-speaking Sonko told him off indicating that Nairobi County purchased the land where Ndakaini Dam, Nairobi’s biggest reservoir, sits.

    Huyo Governor anajaribu kunitishia na ata nyumba amejenga hapa kwa road reserve (He is threatening me and even his home on a road reserve),” Sonko stated cracking the attendees.

    Sonko further clarified that the water consumed in Nairobi is harvested from Chania River.

    “River Chania is our main source of water. Ndakaini is just a reservoir which we turn to when the water levels at Chania go low,” he added.

    Sonko further reminded Wairia that the water comes from the Aberdare Ranges hence if any compensation was to be made, Nyandarua and Nyeri Counties were better placed to lay claim on the resource.

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