Man Who Found Sharon Otieno’s Body Now Asks for Police Protection & Counselling

Man Who Found Sharon Otieno's Body Now Asks for Police Protection & Counselling

The man who found Sharon Otieno’s body has spoken out for the first time asking for help from the authorities.

The Homabay local identified as Mr Moses Ongili wants police protection and counselling stating that he is mentally disturbed by the shocking discovery he made earlier in the week.

Still reeling in shock, Ongili told journalists that he was herding cattle inside Wire forest when he stumbled upon the mutilated body.

“It was around 3.30pm and a storm was brewing over the Homa Hills. So I was driving the cattle out of the forest towards home when those in the lead crowded at the spot where the body was and bawled strangely.

Place where Sharon’s body was found

“I slowly tiptoed towards the scene to get a glimpse of what the attraction was. It was ghastly. I felt my body freeze in shock. She lay naked, facing down,” he hesitantly narrated the ordeal.

He later rushed home and went to Oyugis Police Station where he recorded a statement; “I returned to the scene with the police who took the body to Rachuonyo South Sub-county Hospital mortuary.” 

Ongili stated the horrific scene was the source of sleepless nights he had experienced adding that it had also affected his appetite.  

“I have neither slept well nor eaten since I found the body. It disturbs my mind and I need help,” he pleaded.

Investigations into Sharon’s death are still ongoing as postmortem results revealed that Sharon was strangled, stabbed eight times and possibly raped by her assailants. 

Government Chief Pathologist Johansen Oduor established that there were elements of rape surrounding Sharon’s death. 

“Sharon was stabbed three times on the neck, four times on the back and on the left side of the abdomen,” he told journalists after concluding the autopsy on Friday.

Dr Oduor further noted that Sharon Otieno had several other bruises indicating there was a struggle before she was killed.

Used condoms were also found around where her body was discovered.

“More samples have been drawn from the body for further analysis to help unravel the mystery surrounding her death,” he added.

Government Chief Pathologist Johansen Oduor


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