Late Monica Was A Slay Queen In Juba, List Of Lies Family told; Source of Wealth, Fake Business Empire, Fiance, Jowi etc

Late Monica Was A Slay Queen In Juba, List Of Lies Family told; Source of Wealth, Fake Business Empire, Fiance, Jowi etc

The family of the late Monica Kimani through her father Bishop Ngarama and Brother George Thiru may have told half truths about Monica. In an interview with People daily they gave information that doesn’t seem to add up:

Sample these:

Lie #1 as told by her father Bishop Ngarama: “Monica was a CEO of a big company in South Sudan:” This is a pure lie, for no single employee has come forward to condole with the family or say something about their boss. What is the name of the company? Does the company have offices? well those who have run companies know that by the time you make good money to move from Kayole, to Umoja, to Zimmerman then Langata and cruise to Kilimani you must have been well established with a local office and a Juba office. No multi-milionare trades on mobile phone alone

Lie #2 as told by her brother George Thiru: ‘Monica had a boyfriend called Yassin Mohammed’: Well, the boyfriend would have attended the requiem mass yesterday or at least recited poems to media. How come Monica’s social media handles do not have even a trace a Mohammed; all photos taken be it in Dubai, Juba or Nairobi feature nobody. well that is how it works when you date a fossil chini ya maji.

Lie #3 as told by her brother George Thiru said: “Jowi pursued my sister but she rejected him, they were only just friends”>>> well, it’s now emerging that the two had an affair, a sexual affair albeit chini ya maji

Lie #4 as told by her George Thiru said: I schooled with Irungu aka Jowi at Kenya Poly where we pursued a certificate in hotel catering ; >>> well, I thought he had earlier said Jowi schooled with Monica in 2012 and that Monica did a diploma in public relations before she went to South Sudan

Well, it is now emerging that Monica had a clandestine affair with South Sudan Deputy speaker Hon Awet Okot who bankrolled her. There are allegations of prior relationships but lets stick to what is in public domain.

Let it go on record that in South Sudan even international companies/businesses need protection of army generals to operate there. You cannot succeed in Juba if you don’t enjoy military or political connection, you can ask Kenya Commercial Bank or KQ management, its a known fact. Now for a small business to thrive you need a direct connection with someone in the army. Movement of cash is highly monitored and controlled by the generals along the boarder. Once the army know that wewe ni mali ya mkubwa then you are given an all access; you can carry thousands of dollars and pass through the airport comfortably. Infact an army van picks you at the runaway like a VIP.

Monica worked at the Kenya embassy in Juba as a receptionist as a locally contracted staff (not sent from Nairobi/not expert send from Nairobi but recruited as a local Juba resident earning local salary rates), its suspected that around that time is when she met the speaker and smiled, the rest is history.

Read full expose by Sponsor Behind Late Monica’s Wealth Exposed; South Sudan Speaker-Billionaire Awet Akot, Jowi was sex partner

Let it be known that most businesses are struggling in South Sudan and many have closed down since 2016 when war broke out. Big businesses (international companies) are not spared either, there is no way a ‘Monica’ daughter of a newspaper vendor will have made clean millions in Juba within a short period of time to buy sh30 million worth of an apartment in Kilimani, afford holidays in Dubai and drive V8s around.

It is obvious the family knew where the money was coming from BUT since they are in the business of teaching religion they chose to stick with the clean side of the story dishing out largely false narratives.

May God comfort the family


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