Late Monica Kimani’s father Is Guilty of ‘Pimping’ His Daughter To A ‘Fossil’ For Riches

Late Monica Kimani’s father Is Guilty of ‘Pimping’ His Daughter To A ‘Fossil’ For Riches

By Kip A

Still on this Monica issue and her Sudanese General cum Sponsor, putting all factors under the microscope; I think Mr Ngarama is guilty of pimping his daughter.

After settling in South Sudan and making friends with former warlord Awet Akot, Paul Ngarama invited his daughter to the country and introduced her to the former warlord; now national assembly deputy speaker.

It was love at first sight for Lt-Gen Akot. He liked the daughter. His friendship with Ngarama moved from strength to strength as he started eating the forbidden fruit.

The good General helped Ngarama establish churches in South Sudan as his relationship with the daughter grew in leaps and bounds.

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Pastor Ngarama was a happy man. His daughter was now the most powerful individual in Akot’s office.

She rose up the ranks and soon she was accompanying the General across the country and across the borders.

Money and good life started flowing like water down the hills. The Ngaramas were now eating life with big spoon; the SUVs came and holidays in Dubai started beckoning.

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The good bishop must be regretting and feeling the pain. The family must be in anguish, often its better that you don’t all depend on one source, this is a serious learning lesson to many families who may be in similar arrangement of depending on on son in-laws.

Miss Monica was a mistress to the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of South Sudan. Her parents (father is a Bishop of some kiosk church) knew about this and they actively encouraged the same. They were happy that they had a daughter who could change the fortunes of the family. They had no problem with their daughter sleeping with a married South Sudanese statesman in exchange for money. Maisha kweli ni ngumu! We’re heading into a future where parents will be auctioning their daughters to the highest bidders. Bora pesa!– Wakili Nagre wondered in conclusion

Like a beautiful love story, the affair ended with blood, pain and tears.

Rest In Peace Monica. Although You refused cheap things, it is obvious you were a good soul, you worked hard and you put interests of your family first than self. I still don’t know your brother works or they all lived on proceeds from the general….


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