Kisumu MCAs Trade Kicks and Blows over Impeachment motion


Chaos erupted in Kisumu County Assembly yesterday as MCAs exchanged blows following a disagreement over plans to impeach two senior officials in Governor Peter Anyang’ Nyongo’s administration.

Police fired in the air to disperse the MCAs after two ward representatives engaged in a fist fight amid bitter exchange of words.

Trouble started when two notices of Motion to impeach the County Executive Committee (CEC) member for Finance and the CEC for Planning was tabled before the House by Chief Whip Gard Olima.

A section of the MCAs opposed the move while others stamped their feet in support of the Motions, which will be debated next week.

Manyatta B MCA, told the House rumours had been going round that the assembly was also planning to table an impeachment against Governor Nyong’o.

Moments later, an argument ensued outside the debating chambers, as a clique of MCAs started accusing their counterparts, led by Olima, the author of the Motion, of working to frustrate Nyong’o. The MCAs could be heard accusing the chief whip of going against their will and including CEC of Planning in the list of officers they intended to impeach.

As temperatures rose, more than 15 MCAs began verbal exchanges with Joachim Okech (Kondele) and Victor Rodgers (Migosi) and finally engaged in a fist fight.

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