Killer Gangs Terrorising Mombasa City Residents

Killer Gangs Terrorising Mombasa City Residents

Criminal gangs on the loose have turned parts of Mombasa into killing zones, thereby spreading fear among residents.

Kisauni and Likoni sub-counties have been affected so much that residents are forced to be in their houses before 7 p.m.

Human rights groups have reported that the gangs have slain at least 15 people in November.

Police officers arresting a suspected criminal

Mombasa Police Commander Johnston Ipara responded that they have intensified intelligence gathering and deployed more police officers to patrol the affected areas.

Ipara narrated one incident in Likoni where a gang of 20 people armed with machetes and knives tried to attack police officers on patrol.

Residents have claimed that there are over 26 gangs, some of which are recruiting minors and women.

Six members of a militia were apprehended with dangerous weapons and police uniforms.

Security analysts have hinted that the gangs are made up of youths who were used by politicians in campaigns and later abandoned.

Some of the gangs currently terrorising Mombasa are Wajukuu Wa Bibi, Mawayo, Spiders, Chafu and Temeke and an all-women Wakware Babies.

Others are Gaza, Spanish Spatter, Vietnam, Akili za Usiku, 64 Gang, Memory Gang, Watalia Gang, Crazy Boys, Kongo by Force, Yaung Tags, Watalia and Wajukuu wa Mbwa.

Slum dwellers carry the body of a suspected Mungiki gang member