Key Uhuru Jubilee Achievements; Prostitution, Slay Queens/Kings , Corruption, Economic Stress

Key Uhuru Jubilee Achievements; Prostitution, Slay Queens/Kings , Corruption, Economic Stress

By C N

50 million people, 24 million adults above 18 out of which 12 million are jobless. That is the size of Malawi , 12 m adults, all unemployed. The ones with jobs, businesses and money are mostly men. Prostitution has been called Sponsorship.
Marriages are collapsing massively or are barely surviving because most are struggling under financial stress and social decay, the African institutions of mentoring couples in marriage long ago collapsed and the modern western institutions don’t mentor the youth and parents on parenting and the institutions of marriage and the family appropriately.

The Pastors and Imams are not preaching within the context of this economic social reality.. The Church for example as refused to go into the world. Instead the church has sat back and waited for , actually invited the world including its politicians and traders to come into the church and take over the body of Jesus Christ…the Church.

Pastors should be going to families and ministering to families not waiting for families to come to church. A paradigm shift is needed. Urgently.

We must rethink the role of institutions in the current situations of economic stress , social permissiveness, and political nonresponsiveness where government is captured by the rich, for the rich by the rich. The universities are missing in this conversations when China is working with our government to recolonize us for example. The media? The professional bodies? Who is mentoring the youth in schools and out of schools?

Hez Jakomollo adds>>> Parliament was our safeguard against a rogue executive…
They not only went to bed with the executive but concieved economic misery that is worse than effects of sponsors and sponsorees.
The debate must go back to economic mess we are in. It is the main catalyst of societal break down.
Parliament as an institution has failed.
5 years from today, MPS who served between 2013-2022 will bow their heads in shame.
They killed Kenya


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