Keroche Heiress Blasts Ex, Says She used to Pay Him Despite Bad Sex


Anerlisa Muigai could not hold back her anger and disappointment as she lashed out at her ex-lover on social media.
The irate entrepreneur tore her former bae apart as she exposed him for being a gold digger.

According to her Instagram rant, the beauty stated she used to fund her former bae’s lavish lifestyle.

Also, she went ahead to reveal her man was poor in bed prompting her to hit the road while it was still early.

“And if at all I dumped you for a lesbian, your bedroom skills must have been poor,” she wrote. She stated her jilted ex was selling false stories about her to the media but that did not bother her as the money she used to spend on him was way more than what he received from blogs.

The ex had allegedly snitched her as bisexual to the media.

Completely peeved, she refuted the ungracious rumors stating they were nothing but pure lies. Also, she informed her former bae he did not play her whenever he asked for money, she was more than glad to dish it out.

The lass was once spotted in the company of a buff chocolate-skinned man days after dumping her former lover, Don DK.

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