Kenyans Hilarious Messages to Itumbi after Maribe Dumped Him for a Bouncer


After years of speculation of an affair between State house digital head Denis Itumbi and Citizen TV’s Jacque Maribe, the screen girl finally got engaged to a different man.

It either means Itumbi and Maribe were never an item or Itumbi got dumped and Kenyans prefer to believe the latter.

They have since taken to Itumbi’s wall to condole with a brother and the comments are hilarious.

Onyango Ochieng Junior wrote; This unsavory development has made you speak in TONGUES. I know Jesus Wept for you brother! It’s only the gods who chases flies for tailless cow. Please take some BREAK from Social media and find LOVE of the LORD for it adds no SORROW.

Why are guys hard on Dennis Itumbi , it is normal to break up . May be he was just checking on the servers and nothing more . Kwani wangapi wamekula dame na friendly match ? It was friendly match and man must live .-Henry Kigen

Dear Dennis Itumbi please let me know when you are fetching water and firewood for the wedding. I will provide manpower!- Lenny Chege

The problem of getting famous before you get married is that you have to pay too much attention to your image.. which means you missout on many opportunities as you drown in the 100,000 voices of your followers..
in your sunset years you will regret not being courageous enough to seize your happiness and those you minded will not count at that time- Mike Ndegwa

But I hope you had opened and perused the servers. If not, you’re a letdown to boy shaud society-Dave Kahuthu

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