Kenyans Go After NTV Over World Cup Disappointment


Kenyans took to social media to express their disappointment at NTV following their announcement that they would not be airing all the World Cup games despite their earlier declaration that they would. 

Posting on their social media platforms, NTV noted: “POLITE REMINDER: Due to FIFA rules on World Cup broadcasting, NTV is only licensed to air 32 matches, which are allocated by FIFA. However, the action continues tomorrow as Lionel Messi’s Argentina takes on Iceland (4 pm) and the Super Eagles face off with Croatia (10 pm)”

This information did not go down well with Kenyans who were eagerly waiting for the Spain versus Portugal game on Friday night. 

Instead, NTV aired The Trend and Kenyans could not hide their disappointment.



Netizens conveyed their disappointment as they trolled the station on their social media platforms.

One Dinacho K’nappier exclaimed: “Those are signs of incompetence. bure kabisa when KBC, KTN aired the matches they never gave those excuses. What’s the point if you don’t air the best matches.”

Another user affirmed: “Why did you take the license to air football if you knew you can’t deliver .. vitu zingine Wachia (leave some things to) KBC. Hawajai tufanyisha ujinga kama hii mmefanya leo.”

On Facebook, a hashtag was created claiming #ResistNTV, with netizens asserting that the media house has let them down since they (NTV) can no longer be trusted in delivering content.

“Why tell us late, we are on our sofa set waiting for the big game Portugal vs Spain, will never waste my time watching world via NTV or Kwese.NKT!!!”

Whereas most of them ranted at the media house’s failure others called on the government to switch off the local station as they did during the swearing in of the Opposition leader Raila Odinga on January 30. 

“Government was wrong to switch off this stations during the election….this is the right time, uhunye zima hizi station,world cup ikiisha uzifungue!” declared Mointo Joel.

Yet another user jokingly stated: “I had to painfully play PS for 90min and my wife was innocently cheering thinking it’s a live game Portugal vs Spain… she is even celebration and calling her Chama friends how Ronaldo has scored 17 goals and she thinks her bet has worked…I don’t know how I will explain this tomorrow fam, I don’t know…I will be divorced courtesy of NTV….you will have to explain this to my village Elders.”

The game went on as planned and Portugal, captained by Cristiano Ronaldo came from behind to force a 3-3 draw against the much fancied Spaniards.

In what was one of the stand-out fixtures in the 2018 World Cup, fans were treated to a thrill as the game had some breathtaking goals – including Ronaldo’s exquisite free-kick and Nacho’s sweet volley that had temporarily given Spain the lead.

The tournament continues today as France takes on Australia and Lionel Messi’s Argentina locks horns with Iceland. Denmark will tackle Peru and Nigeria will battle it out against Croatia.

 Here are some more reactions from Kenyans: 

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