Kenyans Are Living International Lives, Uhuru Regime Looting Magic


Unakunywa sukari ya BRAZIL, unakuwa mgonjwa unabebwa na ambulance ya JAPAN unapitia barabara ya CHINA, unakuta daktari wa CUBA anakupima na machine za KOREA unapewa dawa za INDIA….

We are truely living International lives!


You’re born with debt.
You buy milk, the milk is poisoned.
You fuel a car, the fuel is adulterated.
You buy sugar, the sugar has mercury ?and copper.
You ask for change, you’re thrown off moving public service vehicle.
You pay tax, the tax is stolen.
You vote, the vote is stolen.
You protest, they kill you!

The struggles of being a Kenyan.???????‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️


With this huge juicy war going down between Uhuru and Ruto, any peek at the small stupid one going down between Chiloba and Chebukati feels like watching a match between ‘Nyamokenye Blue Tigers’ and ‘Nyanchwa Hollywood’ at the Gusii Stadium, immediately after watching Spain take on Portugal at the World Cup. Could Wetangula kindly take the two to a Bungoma or Kitale restaurant, mediate some kind of settlement quietly at a corner table and save us any silly distractions as we watch Ruto and Uhuru tear into each other. Are we going to waste our pop corn on some silly Bukusu village cat fight when there is an ongoing thriller of national proportions?

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