Kameme Journalist Mucheru Kaboi Attacked By Clients

Kameme Journalist Mucheru Kaboi Attacked By Clients

Kameme FM journalist Mucheru Kaboi stared death in the face when a man he identified as his client tried to murder him.

The incident he narrated on his Facebook page occurred a day after he had celebrated his birthday.

Somebody wanted to kill me just a day after my birthday. Bila makosa yoyote (without cause),” Mucheru lamented.

And he has the audacity to be arrogant. I have summoned the utmost divine intervention and yes I have forgiven him. I am stitched up and I trust God for a quick recovery,” he added.

Mucheru Kiboi nursing his wound

He narrated how his client had sent him money to do an assignment which he completed and delivered.

They later met and had dinner together. He recalled how much of a good time they had, devoid of any arguments or misunderstandings.

However, as Mucheru was alighting from his client’s vehicle, the said client started acting suspiciously and shouted at him and immediately, about three of the client’s associates attacked the journalist.

Before he could do or say anything, the journalist was on the ground bleeding profusely. 

The media personality stated he was fearful for his life because he knew very well that his newly found enemy was a gun owner. Mucheru was able to get away before the situation got worse.

After seeking medical attention, he later sent the photos of his bruised head to his assailants who seemed aloof about what had happened.

The next minute he calls saying I fell down. With the rate at which people are being killed, I decided to open up. I have made necessary legal arrangements,” Mucheru reported.

Mucheru Kiboi at his workstation


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