Kalonzo’s New Declaration on His Relationship With Uhuru


Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka on Friday made a declaration regarding his relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking during the burial service of his father, the late Peter Musyoka Mairu, Kalonzo affirmed that no one should ever separate him from Uhuru.

“Natangaza hapa leo kuwa hiyo heshima Rais Uhuru amenionyesha na familia. Heshima hiyo hatuwezi tukailipa Kutoka leo, kusitokee mtu atakayenitenganisha mimi na ndugu yangu Uhuru Kenyatta!

(I declare today that the respect the President has shown my family is something we can’t repay. Let no one come between me and my brother, Uhuru),” Kalonzo declared amid cheers from the crowd.

He added that politics was unpredictable and the occasion had provided an opportunity for all politicians to put their differences aside and unite.

Referring to his party, Kalonzo stated, “Wiper itaungana na Uhuru, (Wiper can work with Uhuru) you don’t know what will happen.”

Kalonzo admitted that after many years, he could not afford to gamble with his political career.

I think nitakuwa mtu wa mkono wa Uhuru kuanzia sasa na mtu asiniulize maswali ukinuliza utajua mimi ni mang’aa kama baba yangu.

“I think I will be Uhuru’s errand boy from today henceforth and when someone asks me what I am doing, they will know I am as stubborn as my father,” he conveyed.

On his part, the Head of State described Kalonzo’s father as a man who emphasised the importance of family.

He went further to justify the debts the country has accrued during his term as necessary just like Kalonzo’s father had taken loans to educate his children.

“Mmeniambia nisikope lakini mnataka barabara. Hata mzee alikopa ili apate karo ya kumpeleka Kalonzo shuleni

(You are telling me not to borrow yet you want roads. Even Mzee Mailu borrowed so he could get money to take Kalonzo to school)” he stated.

Uhuru, however, acknowledged that borrowing should be done in a manner that the country can service the debt that it has incurred.



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