Jowie Irungu Had Super Unprotected Sex With Monica Kimani Before Murdering Her

LATEST: Jowie Irungu Had Super Unprotected Sex With Monica Kimani Before Murdering Her

The investigating team has turned a new leaf. DNA analysis report now shows that the prime suspect Joseph Irungu aka Jowie was at the scene of the crime and had super unprotected sex with the late Monica Kimani

The report points at a possibility of Monica Kimani and Joseph Irungu having had sexual intercourse on the night she died.

Investigators indicate that Jowie and Monica had a consensual sex. It is also assumed that Irungu tricked Monica into having a sex while tied to make it more kinky and adventurous only to slit her throat after a wonderful unprotected sex.

The sexual relationship between Jowie and Monica might have been going on for sometime, he was a dildo or a tool for use given the fact that the late was dating a 73 octogenarian

DNA tests on semen found on the slain girl, and other samples from under her nails, confirmed with a 99.9 per cent accuracy that they belonged to Irungu, placing him at the scene of crime on the material day and time. Other samples, including bloodstained fingerprints, matched 99 per cent those collected from Irungu, police said. A senior officer involved in the probe said: “We are now working on witnesses.” Other samples with similar findings had been dusted from an adhesive tape that was found covering Monica’s mouth, a rope used to tie her hands, and the bathtub. The bloodstains were found on a sofa set. The investigators said fingerprints lifted from Monica’s body also matched those of Irungu.

Police believe the killer used a knife to cut Monica’s throat. The knife has yet to be found. The killer immersed the woman’s two mobile phones in water and police say the phones, which were recovered and analysed, gave crucial information.

Pieces of cloth subjected to forensic tests also provided crucial clues, police said. The team also dusted a car that Irungu was using on September 19, when Monica was killed.

Images captured by police cameras of the car Irungu used from Denis Pritt Road to his Lang’ata residence showed that the driver was in the company of another man. The second person has yet to be identified. Police have also yet to know the motive of the murder but said they suspected it could be money.

The detectives are now looking for one Dominic Kamau, whose identity card was used by Irungu to gain access to Monica’s apartment.

It is not clear why Irungu presented the identification document to guards at the compound. The detectives said they were looking for Kamau for questioning and to understand why his ID was used.


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