Jacque Maribe’s real baby daddy Is A Powerful Politician, Eric Omondi Just a Cover

Jacque Maribe's real baby daddy Is A Powerful Politician, Eric Omondi Just a Cover

The Nairobian is currently running a story that comedian Eric Omondi is the baby daddy of Jacque Maribe’s son and that he has been paying child support since 2015…

Well, sources close to two former lovebirds has hinted that the real baby daddy is a top Jubilee politician who pretends to be a staunch born again christian. Our source says the baby daddy(powerful politician) came to Jacque’s rescue in the ongoing Monica Kimani murder investigations by deploying top lawyer as part of her defense team and also influenced the sleuths accept Maribe’s new statements regarding her fiance’s involvement.

Ms Maribe recanted her earlier statements and she is set to be freed in exchange to be a state witness. There are myriad of charges that can preferred against Ms Maribe but sources hinted the powerful force/baby daddy wants her out to take care of the son.

Haters are also throwing in the issue of Ms Maribe’s house and how she managed to acquire such a prime property with the meager salaries journalists earn in Kenya. Her peers are still living in rented apartments in South B, Thinka Road or those with sponsors are in apartments in Kileleshwa or at best a house in Syiokimau and not in mansions at a prime location.

Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe dated years ago before they broke up sometimes in February 2015 and Jacque even went ahead to deeply kiss Dennis Itumbi in public in full glare of the cameras.

For years there have been rumors that Eric Omondi is the babdy daddy of Jacque’s son Zahari. A source told the Nairobian that the comedian has been footing child support bills for the Zahari since 2014/15.

According to the Nairobian tabloid, Eric and Jacque decided not to publicly speak about the paternity of Zahari for their own interests.

“Her baby daddy is Eric Omondi but he bailed out on her and this profoundly affected her,” a source told the daily.

Eric Omondi however denied fathering Jacque’s son when he was contacted about the paternity of Zahari. The comedian revealed that he knew the kid’s father but wouldn’t want to reveal who he is because the timing is bad owing to the fact that Jacque is currently facing criminal charges over her involvement in the murder of Monica Kimani.

“I know the baby daddy, however, it is not a good time to reveal him since Jacque is undergoing a difficult time,” said Eric Omondi.


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