Jacque maribe Is Pregnant With Murder Suspect Jowie Irungu’s Baby

Jacque maribe Is Pregnant With Murder Suspect Jowie Irungu's Baby

Sources close to detained Citizen TV reporter Jacque Maribe confirm that she is pregnant with murder suspect Joseph “Jowie” Irungu’s child.

Ms Maribe who is detained at Gigiri Police station pending conclusion of DCI investigations over business lady cum slay queen Monica Kimani’s cold murder in Kilimani area Nairobi. Maribe’s fiance is the prime suspect. News of the pregnancy is a double tragedy for her and Jowie as they face murder charges. Friends confirmed that she has been avoiding alcohol lately giving flimsy excuses.

Ms Maribe has been together with Jowie April although friends have indicated that the two got to know each other over a year ago during presidential campaigns.

Jacque who is set to be charged with the crime of being accessory to the murder of Monica Kimani, is contemplating what she can do as Joe Irungu and herself faces years behind bars in case of conviction. She is still hopeful that being release on bail might offer her an avenue to handle the pregnancy.

Jacque Maribe not only hid the crime from the police but also helped Joe Irungu burn his bloodied clothes and took him to hospital.

Jacque Maribe on the left with Jowie on the right. Photos courtesy

Many of her friends are pondering what to do next and as Carol Gikunda noted in her ‘thinking loudly’ column, we can only imagine thus:
1. If Jowie had his own car, it would have been the car to be traced to the scene of crime. Maribe would have been safe.

2. If Jowie had his own house, the dollars would have been found there. The bullet would have been found there. The Kanzu would have been burnt there.
Maribe would have been safe.

3. If Jowie had his own house, and had a driver… and shot himself there, his driver would have been the one to drop him to hospital…
Maribe would have been safe.

All pointers incriminating Maribe are as a result of Jowie’s poverty.

Lesson: Don’t date broke wanna be’s. stick to a genuine broke hustler!

But helloooo, here is a consolation:

The one thing you should never regret in this land of the living, is loving truly, loving whole heartedly and loving for no reason at all.
Whether it worked or did not work, life is easier knowing you gave it your all, knowing you left no stone unturned and knowing there is nothing in this world you could have done that you did not do…then.
To the Maribes of this world, don’t let the world use the love you genuinely gave to demean you.
If you loved, you loved.
If the person did not deserve you or your love, it’s their loss… Not yours.

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