Jacque Maribe And The Evolution Of Emotions, Her behavior hasn’t earned her sympathy from many

Jacque Maribe And The Evolution Of Emotions, Her behavior hasn’t earned her sympathy from many


If like me you believe some crimes deserve summary execution, then you probably have something else. If you have watched a video of a Chinese or Somali firing squad, an Arabian beheading or hanging and American lethal injection or electrocution, at the very last minute you can’t help thinking whether the condemned prisoner looking so helpless couldn’t be shown mercy and given an alternative sentence. I mean, it’s not like killing them will ever undo the crime or consequences thereof. If it’s a murder, sometimes the family of the victim are allowed to be present during the execution. I don’t know whether they go back home feeling any better. It seems to me therefore thatHer own behavior hasn’t exactly earned her sympathy from many the only time an execution is satisfying is if it’s carried out immediately the crime is discovered. But then that presents the very real danger of carrying out an irreversible sentence without due process which could result in an innocent accused dying…..

Jackie Maribe has never endeared herself to me with her hobnobbing with Jubilee thieves and propagandists. It probably has never mattered to her because like all celebs and Jubilee rogues, I might as well never exist so who cares what I think! In spite of all these, I have been content to shut her out of my consciousness (and others like her) like they too didn’t exist. Certainly I can’t ever recall having a feeling like “I wish you would die a cruel death, B*tch!”

I don’t know what Maribe is guilty of in the Monica murder. There are speculations. Her own behavior hasn’t exactly earned her sympathy from many Kenyans. But to be honest, everything till now remains speculation. Even her suspect behavior could be explained as the result of panic….

Whatever one thinks, watching Maribe in the dock this morning brought to mind the rush of feeling that comes when the Chinese masked soldiers aim their guns at the lone hooded figure tied to a stake followed by the marionette-like jerking of the condemned figure as the weapons discharge their deadly fire. Don’t ask me why I watch those videos if they bring so much distress to me. You can bet that the feeling was not of the “You deserve it B*tch!” type that one might expect. All I saw was the possible ruination of a young and productive life happening right before my eyes.

I suspect by the time this trial is over many of us will have gone through many emotional changes too and questioned whether the fact that we are free means we’re necessarily more law-abiding, or we just haven’t been caught.


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