Itumbi Breaks Silence Over Arrest of ex Lover Jaque Maribe’s Fiance Jowi

Itumbi Breaks Silence Over Arrest of ex Lover Jaque Maribe's Fiance Jowi

A Tweet by Dennis Itumbi has been interpreted to mean he is ok with whatever shit Jacque Maribe’s fiance Joe Jowi is going through…. check it and follow the link for more reactions…

Immediately Jowi got engaged to Jacque Maribe he erased all his social media handles by deleting his past photos and even edited his profile. It took deeper searching for media to know that he was a bouncer based in Dubai.

It was later revealed that comes from Nakuru County and was known by his close associates as a private security guard who worked with various politicians as their private security VIP guard, Jowi is asocialite and is said to be a great friend of Joe Muchiri, he really tried to keep a low profile given the nature of his job (mercenary for hire) but his love for attention took centre stage.

Joe an avid user of digital erased his history from various social media platforms after he got engaged to Maribe except for Instagram where he maintains a sketchy profile.

Before he met Jacque Maribe, Jowi was set marry one Maureen Kahehu, obviously things didn’t work out and both deleted every link between them from their social media pages. In fact, Maureen deleted her account. Friends of Joe and Maureen have revealed that the breakup was with a lot of drama after Maureen found out bad stuff about Joe among them his affair with Jacque Maribe.

The only available evidence of relationship between Maureen Kahehu and Joe “Jowi” Irungu is on the page of Maureen’s sister, Catherine Kahehu


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