It’s Now Clear, DP Ruto Set To Win 2022 Presidential Race And Here Is Why..

It’s Now Clear, DP Ruto Set To Win 2022 Presidential Race And Here Is Why..


Kenyans are a lot ruled by emotions and not reasons. Our emotional orientation largely informs our actions. Apparently, our pattern of voting is solely emotional and reactionary. The joy of seeming victorious moments soon turn into realities of regret and sorrow when the emotional smokescreen fades. The sadest part is the vicious circle of our emotional engagement lead to unending seasons of regret and remorse.

Such is the reality we are faced with – greater economic heat, insensitive political decisions and chaotic management system. The seemingly disorderly order of legislation is mockery of Kenyans’ intelligence and a reproach to the dignity of houses of assembly.

What we see and feel now is just a tip of the iceberg – the worst is yet to evolve. The next 14 years promise to be some of the worst in Kenya’s history. 14? Yes, 14 – sum of Uhuru’s remaining 4 years and Ruto’s 10 years of rule of iron fist! Did I just say that? Yes, I did! All factors constant, Ruto will be the next president of the Republic of Kenya and his tenure promises to be worse than Uhuru’s. This is the saddest reality – a reality that most of us know but shy away from saying.

I am not downplaying the handshake. I have no moral authority and political wisdom to downplay Raila Odinga’s political decisions. I cannot in any way question his political manoeuvres. However, it must be noted that pundits are working against the very spirit of the handshake and therewith frustrating the building bridges intitiative. Whereas Raila and Uhuru are committed to it, political manoeuvres and machinations see boiling undertones that threaten the envisioned unity.

The schemer Ruto is all smiles because things are working in his favour. What do I mean?

We are kept busy building bridges on unfounded ground. Political schemers plan to keep us busy till the last minute when it is too late to enforce meaningful electoral and constitutional changes. The Big 4 agendas have taken centre stage – we are building Uhuru’s legacy inconsiderate of the plight of poor Kenyans. Constitutional amendments meet for the creation of level political playing field are long forgotten. The call for referendum has faded and clamour for electoral transformations forgotten. The desire for change wanes and crave for an all inclusive leadership appear dry.

The thought for a better Kenya can for now be viewed as a far-fetched dream untainable in our generation.

Ruto created systems beyond Uhuru. His cronies still man the electoral body. Who are the IEBC coordinators in your region? Kalenjins are in charge … Deep down in Gwassi, Siaya etc. No one bothers to question the very system that runs IEBC. We shall soon, however, seek to change the commissioners while leaving the main players. The vote is already lost. Some of our MPs and senators equally pledge allegiance to him.

None of us talks of the boundaries review – the new rigging frontier. While my people promise to defend their territories from further subdivisions, probably in an attempt to control larger blocks, our opponents are creating smaller rigging units.

Something must be done to redeem this country. Apparently, no one is willing to take on the responsibility to do it. We all look at one man – Raila Odinga’s – if not him then none. We brand him failure for not ascending to presidency, a coward for avoiding bloodbath, a traitor for seeking peace and a constant disappointment. We however remain inconsiderate of his situation, continued struggle for better Kenya and unwavering support of constitutional changes and transformations. We blame him when things go wrong yet no one appreciates his successes.

Who then shall save us? Who is the Moses on whose wings we can fly to the promised land? The onus is on us. We can chose to either do it and sit and wait to see things unfold. This is the saddest reality!


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