itizen TV Anchor Ann Kiguta Dumps Station, To Join Kenyatta Propaganda Machine K24 TV

itizen TV Anchor Ann Kiguta Dumps Station, To Join Kenyatta Propaganda Machine K24 TV

Citizen TV News Anchor Ann Kiguta is ditching the station and is set to join the Kenyatta family propaganda machine K24 tv.

Kiguta joined Citizen TV from KTN where she had established herself as a no nonsense, at some point in 2012/2013 King Bogonko Bosire reported in the then Jackal news that Kiguta was behind a list of colleagues who were dropped by the management.

At Citizen TV she was a news anchor with an interview segment in which she also kept guard for President Uhuru and the Kenyatta family especially during the 2017 campaigns. Kiguta’s second kid is said to a be a Kenyatta courtesy of Jomo Gecaga the nephew to president Uhuru who also doubles as his private secretary, a powerful statehouse operative.

Kiguta is also a host of a radio show at Hot96, she has reportedly served her employer notice of resignation and will exit soon joining a long list list of journalists who have joined Mediamax Network Limited/K24 in the recent exodus of presenters from one station to the other.

She joins Jalang’o, Comedian Jacky Nyamide aka Wilbroda, Francis Luchivya, Fred Indimuli and news anchors from other stations such as KTN’s Betty Kyallo and Rose Gakuo from KBC.

Kiguta who moved from KTN years ago seem to have been overshadowed by the many high profile news anchors that have been unveiled by Citizen TV.

In 2018, Kiguta was seen as holding brief for Uhuru’s Jubilee most of her TV shows, most of opposition supporters always found her questions posed to NASA leaders very partisan.

Kiguta is a Rusinga school and Daystar university alumnae, born into a upper middle class family in Buruburu and later moved to Kilimani.

In May 2018 it was reported that her relationship with boyfriend and baby dad Jomo Gecaga had hit the rocks after it was alleged that Jomo had opted out for former Ebru TV’s Lola Han ‘sambary


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