It is impossible to sell Ruto as a presidential candidate, he should join Musalia Mudavadi to be relevant

We are going to suffer for the next 100 years as fools Because Of Uhuru Incompetence, Corruption and tribalism

By I Ngare

If there is a politician who acutely lacks the attribute of situational intelligence, it is William Samoei Ruto. It beats logic that at a time when his own administration is waging war against graft, Ruto can spend 10 million shillings on goats.

There are people in this country who have more money than Ruto, but you don’t see them dish out over 10 million shillings every weekend in Harambees. Ruto’s aversion to advisors makes it very difficult to rationalize whatever he does.

We have tried using the line that God tripples Ruto’s finances because he’s a cheerful giver. But the ordinary Kenyan Christian will tell you that the last time aything was multiplied by divine providence is when Jesus fed five thousand people with 10 loaves of bread and five heads of fish.

We have tried using the line that Ruto is a shrewd businessman who makes money rearing chicken. But simple economics and math clearly shows that even if Ruto were to live two lifetimes, it would be impossible for him to make the kind of money he has made by engaging in poultry farming.

It is impossible to sell Ruto as a presidential candidate in this country. Maybe in Timbuktu. Ruto thinks that the politics of money will make him appealing to Kenyans. What he doesn’t understand is that it will form the basis upon which Kenyans will decide not to elect him as President in 2022.

In my view, Ruto can only be relevant in 2022 if he throws his weight behind Musalia Mudavadi.

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Ruto is the only politician I know who doesn’t sorround himself with advisors. We know Uhuru’s advisors. We can point them out. We know Odinga’s advisors. We can point them out. Tell me any person you know who advises Ruto. Harambee House Annex has no advisors. It is filled with tenderpreneurs from the ground floor up! The people who sorround Ruto are crooked businessmen looking for an opportunity to make the next 100 million. Any reasonable person cannot work with Ruto.


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