IG Joseph Boinnet Invites Ideas on New Police Uniform

IG Joseph Boinnet Invites Ideas on New Police Uniform

Despite harsh criticism from the public, Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has maintained that the new uniform is here to stay.

Speaking at the third Editors Guild Press Club luncheon on Tuesday, Boinnet, however, invited ideas from Kenyans to customise or modify the uniforms for the better.

“There seems to be discomfort about this, but the public is welcome to give ideas on the new uniforms,” he stated at the event.

Police Inspector General Joseph Boinnet

The new police uniform consists of deep blue shirts and trousers. This was part of the changes unveiled by President Uhuru Kenyatta to transform the force into a service.

They are tailored locally by the National Youth Service in order to boost cotton farming and the textile industry in the country.

The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) announced that it would move forward with procuring new uniforms despite public disapproval.

Many officers preferred to keep the old attire but the commission maintained that their opinions don’t count.

“The officers may not have the right to criticise the new uniforms,” stated Commissioner Ronald Musengi

“Of course, we have seen people on social media saying the uniforms are similar to the PCEA Women’s Guild or Girl Guide uniforms,” he added.

A team comprising of officials from security agencies and chaired by the Vice Chief of Defence Forces came up with the design and colour palette of the outfit. 

“The Uniform Committee arrived at the new attire after comparing what other regional and local security agencies wear as their uniform. It was not a one-off decision. Much was considered and it will take at least two years to change,” stated a senior officer who explained how and why the new outfit was adopted.

National Police Service Commissioner Ronald Musengi



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