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I Want My Wife Back – Asbel Kiprop Declares [VIDEO]

I Want My Wife Back - Asbel Kiprop Declares [VIDEO]

I Want My Wife Back – Asbel Kiprop Declares [VIDEO] – kenyagist.com

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  • Olympic and multiple World Champion Asbel Kiprop on Monday admitted that he had made a mistake, and he wants his wife back after a clip showing him in a compromising situation with another woman surfaced online.

    Speaking during an interview on Switch TV, the athlete noted that the other woman was having an affair with multiple men and when he found this out, cut it short and came clean to his wife.

    “I found out that she was talking to other men, she was cheating on me. So I decided to confess to the husband, my wife and to society so that I have a clear conscious,” he told Sports anchor Nick Mudimba.

    He affirmed that he had ended the two-year affair and was ready to make amends with his wife.

    Asbel Kiprop with his wife Sammary Cherotich at Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi December 07, 2011

    “I am on good terms with the husband – but I have a problem, my wife ran away and  I want to bring her back.

    “She is out of our home and I told her that I was confessing for something that she didn’t know for two years,” he added.

    He added that the behaviour was unbecoming of him and it resulted from a number of factors including the doping allegations against him.

    “I want to tell her that the reason I have been fluctuating is that I have not been training smooth. I want to tell her that now I have changed, I hope I win the case. I will come back and run as the star I was in 2015,” he asserted.

    Here is the video:


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