I Know Sharon’s Killers- Governor Obado Tells Police

I Know Sharon’s Killers- Governor Obado Tells Police

Word has that hours after Sharon’s body was found in a thicket within Wire area of Oyugis, Migori governor Okoth Obado was spotted at Jogoo House, the police headquarters in Nairobi, ostensibly to meet Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet.

The police boss neither responded to phone calls nor a text message sent to him enquiring about the purpose of Obado’s visit on that fateful day.

Cliff Ombeta, the governor’s lawyer told The Nairobian he was in the dark about the Jogoo House visit.

“I am not aware, unless I find out from the client then come back to you,” said Ombeta.

Obado has since been questioned by investigators in the murder and The Nairobian is privy to parts of his statement to the detectives.

One is that Obado revealed to detectives that his woes were the work of his close associates.

He challenged the police to dig into the conduct of his personal assistant Michael Oyamo and former Kanyadoto MCA Lawrence Mula in the macabre murder of Sharon Otieno, a medical records diploma student at Rongo University in Migori County.

According to Obado, Oyamo and Mula were using journalist Barrack Oduor as a pawn in an extortion ring. Obado also revealed to investigators that he planned to acquire land on which to erect a house for Sharon in Migori.

She, however, wanted a house in Nairobi and not Migori. A painter in Homa Bay town told The Nairobian that Sharon had promised to offer him a job once construction of her house in Nairobi commenced.

“She hinted to me that there was a palatial house to be built in Nairobi. We had agreed that she would give me the contract of painting it,” said the artisan.

Obado also disclosed that he first met Sharon in November 2017 when she called him requesting for a job. Instead, a love affair blossomed, but which later turned sour when she got pregnant.

In April this year, Obado “sat down members of his family and informed them of his intention to buy land and build a house for Sharon within Migori County,” a source close to the investigations told The Nairobian.

Our source revealed that Sharon was initially hesitant about the idea, preferring to have the house in Nairobi instead.

“Sharon was being pushed by people close to her and the governor,” our source added. Sharon’s mother, Melida Auma, disclosed that her daughter had been promised a tender by the county government.

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