How Mt. Kenya Mafia Plan To Kick RAILA Out Of Government After He Helps Them Pass The Referendum

How Mt. Kenya Mafia Plan To Kick RAILA Out Of Government After He Helps Them Pass The Referendum

At Last! RAILA’s Job In government Is Almost Over
By Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka Banana Peddler

Very soon, Raila Odinga will summon NASA politicians and ask them to go back to their vilages and prepare for war – the war of amending and passing the constitution, just like he did with the 2018 finance bill.

As I said earlier, it is now clear that RAILA ODINGA is about to do what he was brought to do by the Mt. Kenya mafia and go back to opposition. Pass a referenda and be kicked out. Mt. Kenyans know well that for any referendum to see the light of the day, Raila’s input is of paramount importance.

The greatest advantage Mt. Kenya mafia have when they have Raila on their side is that the former Prime Minister has a huge following that obey his orders without asking questions. If he tells them to pass the referendum, they’ll pass it sababu Baba ameshaisoma kwa niaba yao. This includes the literati and politicians.

The problems will start when the referenda passes and Raila is kicked out. When that time comes, his supporters will take it to these streets of Facebook and Twitter and start calling Uhuru and Kikuyus names.

But for now, as long as Baaba is comfortable, all is well with his disciples. For now whatever he wants – including disciplining his political competitors in Luo Nyanza – he will be given on a silver platter. In fact, he is even allowed to command the police and judiciary and order for the detention of whosoever he pleases.

For now, his people can get all the government jobs available. Uhuru will make that happen because he will be the primary beneficiary. He knows Raila will help him retain power as powerful Prime Minister.

Our brothers and sisters from Luo Nyanza are very funny people. They are always excited by stupid big titles. What they forget is that no right thinking Kikuyu will give you anything for free.

All these things Baba is enjoying, he will pay for them someday. After the referendum, you’ll start seeing changes. His chse cars will be withdrawn. His Sh2m salary will be withdrawn. His appointees will be recalled. The country will go back to factory settings. Baba’s keyboard warriors will come back here and start crying together while cursing the government.

But for now, let us hope and pray.

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(The writer sells bananas in the streets of Kisii town)


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