How DP Ruto’s Stronghold Was Punctured By Raila, The Kuria Vote Goes ODM

REVEALED: Five Reasons Why DP Ruto Is Angry With Raila And Uhuru

By Cde Dikembe

Election experts analyzing Migori are very silent on the fact that the ODM candidate WON in two KURIA constituencies including one led by a Jubilee MP, who went all out to campaign for Eddy. It was Jubilee MP Mathias Robi who openly stated DP Ruto was supporting Eddy, not us. And he openly stated this in a church function where he had represented the DeputyPresident in Migori town. So branding Eddy a Ruto (not Jubilee) candidate was not just propaganda but had the truth of Hon. Robi’s pronouncements. And he didn’t reject Ruto’s endorsement, btw!

And here online some of the loudest Eddy backers were Kalenjin Rift Valley MPs, the likes of Hon. Murkomen and my friend Hon. Aaron Cheruiyot of Kericho.

So how did an ODM candidate win in a zone often branded not just Jubilee but also a lock and key Obado zone?

They won’t analyze this. They know it shows one bitter truth: that the ODM Party is stronger, and resilient more than they think!

It is these facts, coupled by what we know, that puzzles me when I see high ranking ODM officials like SG Edwin Sifuna demonstrating weakness by pandering to usual anti-ODM brigades with weak rebuttals and apologies.

All I know is that the movement is strong! 💪


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