Hon Onyango Ochieng Jnr ‘Slaps’ DP Ruto ally Hon Kimani Ichungwa For Insulting Raila, Read On…


By Onyango Ochieng Jnr

If you chance to know Kimani Ichungwa, please remind the songbird that insulting and demeaning Raila at every slightest opportunity does not redeem Ruto’s perceived heinous economic atrocities. If these are the political dead weights and academic pirates surrounding Ruto, then his goose overcooked like yesterday.

Any celebrated idiot in town would have schooled Ruto that Noordin was the deputy director at NIS in charge of ECONOMIC CRIMES, as such, he has a total list of Ruto’s stinking economic plunder in his phone memory and flash disk. Wealth has a trail, money has a trail, and Ichungwa would have helped by whispering in Ruto’s ears to organize his documents and even falsify some. But since he lacks intellectual stamina, expecting much from such political socialite is like expecting Ngarita to drop that scary KIWINYA on her head. This anti-logic zombies are true enemies of Ruto. They are shamelessly rolling the drums escorting him to a national disgrace.

Let me ask again: How does insulting Raila for example clear Ruto from allegations of grabbing Ngong Forest? How does it clear his name from being the imagined faceless fat cat behind the Singh at the center of the toxic sugar scandal? This reminds me of a Congress of baboons and a colony of Monkeys who run away from a real debate because they are terrified of those ready to tackle them. Let him continue mocking Raila, Noordin will be waiting for Ruto like a hangman waiting for a convicted felon.

Meanwhile Phelix G Cord exposes the plot by Camp Ruto to divert attention

There are concerted efforts by DP Ruto to have H.E Raila Odinga to get involved in a cheap political banter with them with an ultimate aim to divert the country’s attention from the ongoing corruption purge that was a leading agenda in the handshake MoU. Team Kuku will badly be disappointment as this will never happen. The Kuku crooks wearing Mps suits will be dealt with by bloggers as the party leader is very busy dealing with issues of national importance and across the borders.

For clarity purposes, Junet Mohamed is within his right to crack the whip on any straying Mps. That is his duty as a Chief Whip. ODM is a party of rules that must be obeyed. He must ensure all party Mps adhere to the said rules.

As for Aisha Jumwa, ODM is not dared on press conferences. Growing balls is one thing and acting like you have grown balls is totally a different thing. The latter betrays you.
Do the honorable thing: resign as an MP and face ODM at the ballot using the newly registered Ruto RPK party.

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