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Homabay MCAs Oust Majority Leader Richard Ogindo From Seat

Homabay MCAs Oust Majority Leader Richard Ogindo From Seat

Homabay MCAs Oust Majority Leader Richard Ogindo From Seat – kenyagist.com

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  • Homa Bay MCAs chant solidarity songs in the assembly chambers after officially ousting their Majority Leader Richard Ogindo
    The Standard

  • There was drama in the Homa Bay county assembly when MCAs who rebelled against the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party stand ousted their majority leader.

    The holder of the seat Richard Ogindo was ejected during a special proceeding presided over by the assembly’s deputy speaker Evans Marieba.

    The legislators are reported to have reneged against the party stand following a period of disagreement with how the house issues were being handled by the current leadership.

    Following the bold vote, Kanyadoto MCA Walter Muok was installed as the new majority leader.

    Homa Bay County MCAs addressing journalists on August 25, 2018

    Speaking after assuming the leadership position, Muok stated that his first order of business would be uniting the MCAs.

    “Today we mark the era of chest thumping and bragging in this assembly leadership. I am going to use my responsibility in uniting MCAs of this assembly,” he told journalists.

    Echoing his sentiments was the new majority whip is Kakelo Kokwanyo MCA Dan Were who promised to improve accountability of resource utilization in the assembly.

    “We have learnt mistakes from the past leadership of this assembly. We will ensure the loopholes are sealed,” Were affirmed.

    The move was in direct contravention of the party’s position which earlier in August reinstated Ogindo as the majority leader.

    Party secretary-general Edwin Sifuna issued a warning to the MCAs in an attempt to quell tensions in the House.

    “While my office attempts to ascertain the propriety or otherwise of the actions taken by the members, we urge that the status quo ante be reverted to immediately.  This will also avail the opportunity to my office to convene a stakeholders meeting in the next two weeks to iron out the underlying issues,”  Sifuna stated at the time.

    ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna
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