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Hessy wa Dandora Reacts to IG Joseph Boinnet’s Citizen TV Interview


Hessy wa Dandora Reacts to IG Joseph Boinnet’s Citizen TV Interview – kenyagist.com

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  • Hessy wa Dandora, a faceless Facebook chap has reacted to the remarks by the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet’s on Wednesday night during an interview with Citizen TV.

    Boinnet had dismissed claims that Hessy wa Dandora is a police officer, terming him as a ‘chap’ who is passionate about matters security.

    In what appears to be an endorsement for the Inspector General’s remark, Hessy on Friday night sent out a Facebook post denying belonging to the police service.

    IG Joseph Boinnet

    “Don’t ask me if am a police officer or not because the issue was clarified the other day by the Inspector General of police himself. 

    “I’m a civilian with great interest in matters of security, kindly get satisfied with that or if I may ask, what did you expect the IG to say?” wrote Hessy on Facebook.

    Last week, an investigative piece by The Standard  On Sunday, reported that Hessy wa Dandora was an Administration Police officer based at the Dandora Phase 3 AP camp.

    The pseudo account user alongside other pages is believed to be run by police officers who give warnings to individuals suspected to be criminals and gang members.

    In his interview with Citizen TV, Boinnet admitted that he is familiar with the crime-busting craze caused by the Facebook user on various anti-crime social media pages.

    “I have heard of such a guy on social media. He is an excitable chap who has a lot of interest in security! He isn’t part of the police!” stated IG Boinnet.

    The IG Joseph Boinnet during the Citizen TV interview
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