Governor Obado shocks Migori residents, asks permision to work with DP Ruto


By Jerome Ogola

OKOTH OBADO the bull of Uriri, (remember the bull of Auckland?) asks the residents of Migori to allow him walk with the DP, onstensibly to bring development

Today, we must demystify the myth of development

The exchequer, collects taxes and with approval from parliament, in line with existing revenue allocation statutes, distributes this money to the two tiers of government, with that allocated to the national goverment, being allocated to ministries and departments

Revenue collected isn’t driven in a truck to be packed at the entrance of the president or his deputy, to enable him pick any amount he pleases and take it for distribution to the direction of his choice

A goverment project is an entitlement and a right. It isn’t a privilege as it has been coming out, in the recent past. It comes as a reward of paying taxes and not as a reward of sycophancy

This country operates in structures and laws and not emotions and moods

On the other hand, Obado and 46 other governors are recipients of up to 15% of the total revenue, which is in hundreds of billions. These monies are allocated to the county goverment, to enable them, through it’s structures to identify it’s unique challenges and address them

For a governor to insinuate that he wants to be allowed, to walk with some specific politician to bring development, is an insult to our intelligence

He has stolen and misused funds allocated to him for development, dangling tenders to potential in laws etc. He has allocated the county funds to his AK 47 and now he wants to be allowed to sniff the DPs behind, in exchange for development.

This man belongs to Kamiti, Industrial Area was too lenient

The days when Moi’s government uprooted electric poles because KANUs candidate had been shown a blackout in a Kipipiri by elections are long gone as all these were addressed by devolution

Any politician who is in love with another and wants to keep him company, either for “tangatanga” allowances, should be broad enough to let us that he tagging on that particular bandwagon for his own handouts, and spare us this old, battered and tattered development narrative

Good morning my fellow hoof eaters


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