Governor Obado May Walk To Freedom, The Threshold for Conviction over Murder is ‘Beyond Reasonable Doubt’

Governor Obado May Walk To Freedom, The Threshold for Conviction over Murder is ‘Beyond Reasonable Doubt’

By W Thuku

I HOPE the DCI has more pinning evidence against Governor Obado, than just the paternity of the killed baby. You see, evidence in public and social media is always one thing, evidence placed before a judge in a court of law is always another thing all together.

When the young girl was found murdered (yes a 22 year old is a girl to me) I immediately wrote here that DNA on the foetus was critical. At that time I assumed the governor would deny being the father or even ever having a relationship with Sharon. He didn’t. I then wrote that a statement from him should have been recorded as soon as he was mentioned. Because I felt he was being covered. I’m happy with what the DCI has done this far.

HOWEVER the evidence of killing or ordering the murder or participating in it must be tangible or watertight. Yes I have seen those confession statement so no need to re-paste them here. With a good case of murder, the pregnancy becomes the motive. And the fact that Obado never denounced it kills the motive. So yes, without good evidence of murder, the only “crime” the prosecution will have is impregnating the 22 yr old girl. Any law student lawyer you should know there is no such a crime. You don’t even need to have gone to a law school to know that.

Dennis Onyiego adds:
Now, from Monday the good governor should hire another bad ass lawyer like Tom Ojienda Or Ahmednassir to compliment the abrasive Cliff Ombeta to bring balance to the team, a tag team of Ombeta and Ojienda will conclude the matter successive but must be ready cough 200million for Prof Ojienda invoices in millions.

The governor can also retain the duo to handle the EACC over the emerging corruption allegation. The war must be fought from all fronts and the millions should be availed for these war and seem motivated by his close links with DP Ruto.


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